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A research tool designed to help you get more from trade shows.

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What is #Hashtaggery?

The Hashtaggery screen is packed with data and simple to use.

#Hashtaggery tracks the social activity before, during, and after B2B trade shows and then slices and dices the data in a way that helps conference organizers, managers, and marketers:

Get a bird's eye view of the social conversation happening before, during, and after each show.
Find influencers in the crowd who are not otherwise apparent.
Identify content areas that resonate with people who have an affinity interest in your category.
Assess the overall reach of a show beyond the boundaries of the venue.

#Hashtaggery provides this data for your own and competitors' shows, so you can continually assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your business.

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Identify highly active and engaged participants and influencers posting from shows in your market.

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See a gallery of images posted from the show through the eyes of the people who attend.

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New ideas, new plans, new ways of solving old problems.

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Be part of all the shows in your space, whether you can get to them or not.

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Before committing to exhibit or attend, check out the #Hashtaggery conversation.

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#Hashtaggery and explore the conferences in your industry!

Simple, data-packed, easy-to-use, dashboard interface

from show to show to show

The Hashtaggery screen is packed with data and simple to use.

Drill into Details About User

See what other shows they've commented on, link to their online profiles and web site, and tag them with your own custom tags.