The Louis C.K.’s Business Model: It’s Simple


Comedy Central Steals Louis C.K.'s Business Model - Business Insider

Comedian Louis C.K. made big news a few years back by letting people download his show and asking for a voluntary $5 donation.  No DRM.  No gates.  No middlemen.

What made this so remarkable was not how successful it was — generating over a million dollars in one week — but how simple it was.  Two links: one to the download and one to Paypal.

It brings to mind for me e-commerce friction.  If you put obstacles in the way, you create friction.  Enough obstacles and there’s enough friction to come to a stand-still.

How many times have you been sucked into a cycle of obstacles in trying to make a simple transaction… trying to remember your password, having it sent to you, having to change it, trying to figure out a new password that meets the demands of the system… who can possible care to own something that requires going through all that.

Instead, here’s a link and you can send me (via Paypal) $5 if you like it.  He didn’t have to build anything. Didn’t have to deal with any interface issues.  He could manage this entire process via his blog.

The next time a consultant want $1.5 million to create an e-commerce system, ask yourself if the Louis C.K. Model will work for you instead.

Comedy Central Steals Louis C.K.’s Business Model – Business Insider.

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