Survey Results: How People Interact With Shared Articles

For a product I am working on that has to do with how people use shared articles, I asked my Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In connections — a total of just over 4,100 people — to take a quick 3-question survey. About one and a half percent of you replied providing me with a baseline of 66 respondents.

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I thought it would be good to give you all a report on what I learned.

1. You see an interesting article on a social network but don’t have time to read it just then. What do you do?

The top 3 responses were: Open article in a Browser Tab (28%), Email it to yourself (15%), and Ignore it (15%). I was surprised only 6% do the Repost-it-to-Yourself trick and I was also surprised that 9% went ahead and read the article anyway.

What do you do?

2. Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with each of the following statements.

An overwhelming majority of people (74%) see articles posted to social media when they don’t have time to read them and nearly 60% of people find it frustrating to find an article they saw posted. Yet, less than half (45%) feel they have trouble keeping track of article they want to read.

agree or disagree

3. How often do you post articles to social networks?

I was curious how active people are at sharing articles to social media. More than half (55%) post articles to social media at least once a week and a substantial portion (45%) rarely or never post articles.

posting habits

Bonus question: What is your age?

This is probably a valid profile of my social networks overall. The largest group were people in my own age group, followed by the 18 to 24 crowd.


About the product

mySlushpile LogoWe are all faced with an onslaught of interesting articles. But, we suffer from not having the bandwidth to read them at the point of exposure. MySlushpile ( aims to provide the breathing room to store the articles you want to read so that you can read them when you have time. Articles saved to your personal mySlushpile page can be categorized by any categories you want.

Overall, I felt that the results indicate that I am on the right track with mySlushpile. I am more confident now that the solution that mySlushpile provides will be useful.

If you would like to try out mySlushpile, register at and send me a note at I’ll be glad to set you up with an extended 6 month trial.