Link Tracker Manages Your Google Analytics UTM Tracking Codes

Link Tracker LibraryI’ve been spending a fair amount of time building links that track through Google Analytics. If you know what I’m talking about, you know that it can be kind of a pain in the neck. If you don’t do it just right, it messes up the tracking and you can never get that back.

A lot of people advocate using a spreadsheet for managing these links. I’ve tried a few but I still felt like they were a mass of impenetrable text. Why wasn’t there, I wondered, a web-based tool where I could keep track of the links that I had set up, that I could reference later, and that could help me make sure that all the links are set up correctly.

So, I created a tool called Link Tracker that does exactly this. After using it for a bunch of campaigns, I decided that I wanted to open it up as a free tool for the digital marketing community to use.

Here’s a demonstration video (about a minute long):

As you can see, it’s a pretty feature-rich web application. It’s really targeted to digital marketers. It’s pre-built with the most commonly used sources and medium names. There’s a few standard campaign names there, too. If you register (it’s free), you can add your own campaign names, sources, and medium names. You can also add multiple brands and all of your UTM links will be tracked according to the brand.

There’s also a really cool function which enables you to download a txt file for import into excel. You can also email directly from Link Tracker. Let’s say you need to create the links but someone else deploys them. Well, go ahead and use Link Tracker to create the links and then top the email button to send it directly to someone else.

All of your links are maintained in a searchable library so you can go back to them later.

If you are in digital marketing and feel the pain of maintaining and building the UTM links, give Link Tracker a try. It’s free and there for you.

Link Tracker