Human80 gets 400 Votes, Moves to Step Two of Mission Main Street Grant.


As you will recall, I submitted an application to Mission Main Street vying for a $100K grant from Chase Bank to fund a 2-year Human80 business plan for providing community-based products and services.  I needed get 250 votes to even have the application considered.  So, I sent out word to you all and boy did you came through, blowing the lid off the minimum required number.

250…300…350…400 votes and counting!

I haven’t gotten the grant yet!
Now that I’ve made the cut-off, the real interesting part begins.  A team from the Mission Main Street Grant will be reviewing the plan I submitted and will seek to interview me.  The final grant decision is in September.  Twenty grants will be awarded.

The application that I submitted to Mission Main Street is to:

  1. Create a tablet app for autistic children to manage music lists.
  2. Create a flashcard app to help students learn, memorize, and share.

You can read more detail on the previous post.

Thank you thank you thank you!
I am humbled by this show of support.  This response is something I can’t quite explain.  I am something of a social media stats nerd and I thought I was tracking my progress pretty accurately.  But, something happened outside of my view, some sort of viral hoozy-woozi.  One minute I had ~150 votes, the next there were 400.

I am so grateful to all of you who voted and who shared the message and retweeted.  As I look through the names of the people who made this possible, I see a cross-section of my life traversing decades, distances, and dimensions.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Special shoutout to the crew below who shared, liked, and commented.  Hundreds more whose names I have no way of knowing are not listed.

Betsy Siggins Schmidt
Chris Requena
Charles Grover
Connie Polk
Cyndi Johnson Bush
Dave Nice
David Rondeau
Eric Mofford
Frank Murray
Gary Guss
Gay Outlaw
Gennine Zinner
Gonzalo Rossello
Hillary Stewart
James Loza
Jane Callachan
Jeff Patterson
Denia Graziano
Julie Mofford
Julio Rojas
Kate Kenney Spellman
Kate Rhoades
Katerina Kanelidou
Jay Kamins
Keith Kurman
Kelly Kasa
Kelly Mattson Halper
Kim Williams
Konstantinos Kontos
Lindsay Mofford
Lu Hanner
Maddie Grover
Marie Koltchak
Marisa Mofford
Mark Sutton
Melody Bratti Masi
Monica Maira
Nadine Zdanovish
Patrick Kelly
Phillip Stilley
Rachael Solem
Rene Picard
Robbie Guzman
Roberta Ricciardi
Sandra Pena Naylor
Shayna Curley
Stephan Wellman
Stuart Adkins
Suzan Kinzlow
Tammy Hegarty
Wes Woodland
Wilfried Grunsky