Human80 Mission Main Street Grant Information

I really appreciate all the support I’ve seen for the Human80 Mission Main Street Grant and I thought it would be worthwhile to put out a little blog post about the grant and what the proposed plan is. If you haven’t voted for the Human80 plan yet, please do by going to the voting site. I have 60 of the 250 votes needed to proceed to the next step so I really need your help.

The background is that Chase Bank is giving $100K each to 20 small businesses to fund 2-year business plans for providing community-based products and services.  As I am spending a fair amount of time reviewing my backlog of projects and ideas as well as looking at some of the products I’ve released in the past couple of years, I am seeing a common thread.  That thread is products that are based in arts and education.

So, I submitted an application to use the grant to develop and release at least 6 products.  Here are two specifically.

  1. A tablet app for autistic children to manage music lists.  This is an idea that came to be through a conversation with Ute Berthold. Her wonderful son finds listening to music very soothing but the controls provided by the standard iTunes application are frustratingly granular.  What we brainstormed and conceived was an app that provides a limited number of large buttons that play pre-determined playlists.  The app would be available free or inexpensively through the app store.
  2. FlipCD is a flashcard app to help students learn and memorize.  The app has two distinguishing features. First, besides the pre-created lists, students can create their own sets of flashcards.  Second — and here’s the community part — is that sets of flashcards can be shared.  The reason this is cool (IMHO) is that a teacher can create a set of flashcards and share it to all the students in their class.

Obviously, I can’t do it alone and the lion’s share of the grant funding would actually be spent hiring other people to do things.  There would be a need to hire some editorial and production help as well as to spread the coding across a few different developers.

A few people have expressed concern about the fact that the voting requires a connection to Facebook.  Here’s how to deal with that.  First off, go to, accept the Facebook connection and vote.  Once your vote for Human80 is registered, go to your Facebook account and select “Settings” from under the tiny arrow in the upper-right-hand corner.  Inside Setting, click “apps”.  This will list out all the apps that are connected to your account.  For any that you want to remove, click on the little “x” and it will be deleted.


Inside Settings, select “Apps”


For any app you want to delete, click the little x