Email is Mobile: 88% of 18-30 year-olds open email via mobile

How do you render on a mobile device?

I think this is one of the least-addressed issues in online publishing. If your email newsletters, promotions, and other communiques don’t open well in a mobile environment, you might want to reconsider them.  According to research by Constant Contact/Chadwick Martin Bailey and reported on the excellent Bizreport site:

• 88% of Millennials (ages 18-30) open email via mobile, 50% say a smartphone is their ‘primary’ email device
• 85% of those aged 30-39 say they read emails on mobile, 52% say smartphones are their primary email device
• 79% say they’ll reopen emails on PC that they’ve already opened on mobile
• 49% say they’ll click mobile links

If the 88% and 85% open rates don’t get you, look at those numbers for “primary email device”:

• Ages 18-30: 50% say smartphone is their primary email device
• Aged 30-39: 52% say smartphones are their primary email device

One of the huge values of mobile devices is how they let you make use of time that used to be spent staring off into the air.  Do you check you email when waiting for something? You probably do.  Next time, check your own email newsletters, promotions, and communiques and decide if you’re leaving half your audience out of your message.

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Study: People delete emails that don’t render on mobile – Mobile Marketing – BizReport.

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