Androids may dream of electric sheep but they don’t click ads, don’t buy apps.

Quoting a report from Boston-based media buyer NanigansVenture Beat reports that revenue per click (RPC) from iOS devices is 6.1 times higher than Android devices and return on investment for iOS is almost 17.9x higher making mobile Facebook ads 1,790% more profitable on iOS than on Android.


Download the first part of the four part report from Nanigans.  Read the article on Venture Beat.

The report focuses on retailers so B2B mileage will certainly vary.

Pair up this data with the recent Flurry report “The History of App Pricing, And Why Most Apps Are Free” (July 2013) which shows that the average price (across all apps, paid and free) of an Android app is 6 cents while the same figure for iPhone is 19 cents and for iPad is 50 cents.  “This suggests,” says the report, “that Android owners want app content to be free even more than iOS device users, implying that Android users are more tolerant of in-app advertising to subsidize the cost of developing apps. (emphasis mine for ironic underscore…)

via Facebook ad profit a staggering 1,790% more on iPhone than Android | VentureBeat.