Who’s Faking it Out There? Your user acquisition might be 61% bogus.

Wow, some pretty startling research from GhostProxies (h/t @Minervity) about fake users on the internet.  Evaluating 1.45 billion users on 20,000 sites, they determined that just north of 61% were NOT real people.  Even more disturbing is the rate at which it’s increasing, from 50% in 2012 to 61% in 2013…

A few years ago, I ran an experimental service for the film industry called @Siteroll (RIP) which was designed to help people post trackable links to Facebook and Twitter. Part of the algorithm I created was to differentiate human clicks from robot clicks.  What was remarkable to me was the sheer volume of non-human clicks from these services. On Twitter the ratio was 24:1 (24 bot clicks for every one valid click); on Facebook the ratio was a slightly more palatable 22:1, both out of control and overwhelming.

This strikes me as a problem.  What do you think?  Seems like a pretty damning revelation for anybody’s user acquisition strategy.

See: http://www.bitrebels.com/technology/many-internet-users-fake-infographic/


How Many of The Internet's Users are Fake
Via: Ghostproxies.com