Paypal Cart Plugin Submitted to WordPress

Paypal cart Blog Post viewThe Paypal Cart WordPress Plugin (v1.2) was submitted to WordPress yesterday and now we have but to wait and see how they respond.  They said there were over a hundred plugins in line, 75 of which were on their final review.

The idea behind this plugin is very simple: for bloggers who want to post items that are for sale in their blogs, Paypal Cart is the solution that provides a quick and easy way to create a Purchase button only on specific posts. The button is connected to the Paypal “Cart” functionality which is useful because multiple items can be grouped together before the actual purchase occurs.

In software development as in life, the challenge with “simple” is staying simple.  There seems to be a constant energy toward adding this feature or that, each of which delays and – worse – complicates.  Here’s a rule-of-thumb that I have always found helpful: any idea that includes the word “should” is a candidate for being shelved for a future release.

This plugin does one thing and does it well.

For each post that a blogger wants to append with the Paypal Cart, a simple metabox is provided to include the item’s price, a shipping and handling charge (optional) and an inventory (number of items available).  When the inventory is “1” of more, the Paypal Cart box appears in the post along with a purchase link that takes a user into the blogger’s Paypal commerce system.  If an item has an “unlimited” quantity (such as a download of some sort), enter “unlimited” in the inventory.  (v1.2 will address unlimited inventories and, particuarly, downloads.)

The Settings interface is where the blogger sets their Paypal email address, determines which of 16 different currencies they accept. They can also optionally modify the css associated with the box to make the  WP Cart for Paypal fit their style.

When an item is sold, enter “Sold” or “Sold Out” in the inventory box and the item is displayed as Sold and the Purchase button is no longer visible.

Stay tuned!