PayPal Cart for WordPress Plugin Now Available!

The halls are abuzz at Human80 World Headquarters and in the San Marino field office as our newest product — PayPal Cart  — was approved by WordPress and went live.  It was a bit like birthing a small mammal but without the cheesy Vernix. Nicely, within moments, 9 people had downloaded the plugin and we’re standing around like excited parents at our first child’s first socmeta-screencer game, hoping to see that number climb.

If you missed the earlier post about submitting the plugin, PayPal Cart is a plugin for WordPress that allows bloggers to connect individual posts to Paypal. The idea behind PayPal Cart is to provide an easy way for bloggers to attach purchase functionality to particular posts.  Unlike some of other plugins (no names, please, we’re all in this together), PayPal Cart has a very small learning curve.  If you know how to post to your blog then you already know what to do.

After adding your PayPal account email address to the plugin’s settings screen, as you are creating a new post, fill in the price, a shipping charge (if any) and an inventory.

Then, those posts for which you have added this information will have a light blue box with the price and a purchase button.  Hey, wait a second, look at the bottom of this post!

Now, there are some intricacies that I want you to know about.

  • The settings page has a CSS-override box which allows bloggers to change the look and feel of the PayPal Cart blue box to almost anything they want.
  • If there is no shipping charge, that field simply does not appear on the blog post.
  • Once an item is sold or sold out, enter the word “Sold” or “Sold Out” in the inventory box and the blue PayPal Cart box will continue to appear on the post but the Purchase button will be gone and the item will be marked as Sold (or Sold Out).  Alternatively, if you simply delete the inventory number, the entire blue box disappears.

Want to try the plugin?  Go to the WordPress Paypal Cart Plugin Page and download it.  Yes, it’s free.



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