Marketers: no interest in Pinterest (and why)

Chart: Marketers On Social Media - Business Insider

Business Insider published an interesting “Chart of the Day” (“Marketers Really Don’t Care About Tumblr“) in which marketers attribute interest in various social media and put Pinterest and Tubmlr as being the two media in which marketers have the LEAST interest.  “Even lower than Google+” says the accompanying note, to put the lack of caring into perspective.

What caught my eye was Pinterest’s position on the totem pole, mainly caught because of a Bizreport post (“How Pinterest is pushing social commerce“) citing data from Addshoppers that Pinterest is pushing about one-quarter of social commerce for their retail clients (data from 2013).

So, marketers are not interested in it but it’s driving business.

What’s with this strange disconnect. My opinion: Marketers don’t know how to buy from Pinterest (or Pinterest is not designed to sell to marketers).

Pretend you’re a marketer and go try and buy something from Pinterest. The beautifully designed site does not expose anything in the way of products marketers can buy. Searching Google yields scant information, like Pinterest’s Promoted Pins Are Now In The Wild, Here’s How They Look from Mashable but nothing about actually buying a product.  Even their blog is devoid of the subject.  That’s a pretty heavy friction just finding out how a marketer can tap into the powerful platform.  A marketer’s response: not interested.

Almost every social media platform on the list has a well structured and knowable set of products and a way for marketers of all sizes to engage with them. While not ideal or labor-free, marketers can do it.  It might even be that, because those other platforms are not ideal or labor-free, marketers simply give up on Pinterest.  It’s not that they aren’t interested (marketers are interested in anything that performs), it’s that marketers don’t have the time to deal.